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Eleanor Evans Reflexology in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Clinical Reflexology in Shrewsbury

"Eleanor Evans of A Time for Balance is a professional therapist who performs all treatments with competence and outstanding care – I always feel comfortable and can put my trust in her which enhances relaxation and the overall experience. Highly recommended!

In Reflexology it is believed that the entire body can be mapped onto the feet, hand and ears. The left hand side of the body is represented on the left foot and the right side on the right foot. These areas on the feet are known as reflex points. The reflexologst uses massage and pressure using fingers and the thumbs.

Reflexology or something similar has been practised for several thousand years. It is thought to have been performed by the Egyptians and the Chinese. Modern Reflexology was developed by Eunice Ingham. She based the therapy on “zone therapy” which had been described in the 1920’s by the American Dr William Fitzgerald. In Britain, the main pioneer of Reflexology was Doreen Bayly who introduced it in the early 1960’s..

Before a reflexology treatment with Eleanor , a medical history will be taken as well as information on the client’s lifestyle. The client is then seated on a reclining chair or a massage couch. The client remains fully clothes apart from shoes and socks. The feet will be cleansed and oil applied. The treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes and starts and ends with a general foot/hand massage.

All clients will be offered a drink of water following treatment. Reflexology treatments may include advanced techniques (such as vertical reflexology) if it is felt this is appropriate. The Client may be shown some movements on the hands to use in between treatments. At the end of each treatment all clients are given home care advice

Clinical Reflexology #01

Here is an example of a Reflexology foot map

Clinical Reflexology #02

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